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Discovery Station Preschool offers a unique program that is creative, high in quality and age-appropriate We are committed to the belief that children in the preschool years learn best through play. The program’s most important function is to facilitate that play and allow opportunities for exploration using all the senses. During the day the child is given the opportunity to experience dramatic play and symbolic play in the housekeeping corner, puppet center, and block/ construction area. Her or his creativity is encouraged through art, play dough and music activities. Fine motor and problem solving skills are encouraged through manipulative toys and art activities. Outdoor play facilitates cooperation and gross motor skills. Group time and story time teaches self-discipline, cooperation and the ability to attend and contribute to a group. It also builds self-esteem.

The preschool years are a very important time to lay the foundation for concept skills and values that will contribute to each child’s personal growth as a contributing member of our society. It is our prayer that each child who participates in The Discovery Station Preschool will graduate into a successful future and that the knowledge and love of God will be an important part of that future. 

Registration for 2021/2022 is ongoing. 

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Welcome to the 2021/22 Program

Highlights include:

Fairy Tales - The Little Red Hen, The Mitten and The Three Billy Goats

Fire Safety


Christmas Tree Adventure 

A Birthday Party for Jesus

Winter Fun - Skating Party

Manners - Becoming Bucket Fillers

 Winter Sports


Pond Life

Space Exploration

Virtual Adventure to Africa


 Adventure in the Park

and Graduation.


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Willoughby 604-533-5881





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