Discovery Station Preschool - Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Bojic Family

Langley, BC

Thank you so much for all the hard work you do to teach the children using such creative and imaginative lessons! Your preschool is amazing and we feel so lucky to have been able to enroll or son for these two years. It truly is about the teachers that make it so great and you are all amazing. Our son has really thrived at our school and it’s so nice to leave him there and know he’s been taken care of by people who really care about children! He’s always excited to go to school and what a great way to enter kindergarten with a love for learning!

Stephanie and Jeff

Langley, BC

Thank you so much for your patience, knowledge, time and reassurance with and about our son. The past year and a half has been such a rewarding and exciting experience for him and us to see him develop such a love for learning. We feel so blessed to have found Discovery Station.

Kari F.


Thank you so much for such an incredible year of teaching. Alyssa was blessed to be in your preschool class and we really cannot express our gratitude or appreciation for your obvious love and enjoyment towards teaching children. She has gained so much and will thrive in kindergarten because of this. Love and blessings, Kari F.

Cale and his family


Our family has loved our time at Discovery Station Preschool. We would highly recommend it over any other one. You and the other teachers have made it such a positive and loving experience for Cale and Elijah. Thank you so much. Love, Cale and his family

Laura W.


Thank you so much for making William's first school experience awesome! It especially blessed my heart a couple of weeks ago when a family member asked him what his favourite thing about preschool was - he answered "learning about God". Beyond that you are obviously gifted at what you do. With much appreciation, Laura W.

Louise and Gary C.


Thank you for all of your hard work with the kiddos...your ever present smile and continuous patience. We are so thankful to have found this preschool. Love Louise and Gary C.

Lisa Harris


Dear Mrs White -

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to express my gratitude towards your staff at the Discovery Station Preschool - Willoughby location. In the summer of 2011, I enrolled my son in your preschool with the knowledge that you were unique. My son was 3 but yet to be potty trained and you accepted him, where many a preschool would not. Based on that fact and additional recommendations, I felt confident in the choice of school we had made. At that time, I surely did not know what a tremendous blessing it would become for my son and my family. My son has blossomed into a wonderful little boy aided in part by the loving but firm and godly guidance of Mrs. Spoor, Mrs. Fun and Mrs. Stephanie. I cannot thank them enough for the patience and kindness shown to not only my children (my daughter started there is past September and is quite the firecracker) but also to myself during some recent difficult times.

This past summer saw my son being diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder and re-instatement to Langley Supportive Child Development. He had been seen previously by SCD for speech delay but this diagnosis brought a whole team together to help my son reach his potential. Every suggestion for helping my son to succeed has been listened to, implemented and followed through on. Team meetings with his preschool teachers present (not to mention hosting the meeting in their classroom), SCD workers coming into the classroom and endless conversations with me have been met with compassion and attention. Any concerns with either of my children have been presented professionally and with genuine caring for my child's well being.

I know it was God that brought my family to Discovery Station. It is through Him that all blessings flow and He went above and beyond anything I ever could have imagined preschool could do for either of my children. I wanted to thank you, Mrs. White, for having a heart that led you to hire these amazing women. But also for your curriculum that has my kids knowing the difference between a "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" attitude, more about who Jesus is and for providing an environment that has given my children (and myself) new friends.

Above all this, I want to thank Mrs. Spoor, Mrs. Fun and Mrs. Stephanie for accepting my son for who he is and seeing past the difficulties he presents with. For giving him the opportunity of choice and letting him be himself. You also gave me the clarity and vision to let him be himself and not force him into being my preconceived idea of what a 3 year old "should" be. You love him. For all of this and more, I cannot begin to express the depth of my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for all that you do, are doing and will do for my family and all others blessed to be under your tutelage. My son has truly come out of his shell and is thriving.

Thank you and Bless you.


Lisa Harris

Sue and Steve T.

Langley, BC

Wow! It’s amazing to see how our daughter has such a love of reading! Every time we see her she has a book in her hand. The Ready to Read program has definitely given her confidence and self esteem, in a loving and exciting environment that makes learning fun! Her school report card has been extremely positive as well. Every child should have this great opportunity. This will be a great foundation for a bright and rewarding future.

Anna Balai

Langley, BC

Fun Family Phonics is the best program we could sign our son up for. He started to speak after age 3. He had very little understandable words by age 4. Since he started Ready to Read, he not only reads new lines every time he comes home, but he reads them clearly. He also understands his reading! The children are benefiting in so many ways form this program. I highly recommend it to every parent of a Kindergartner. I would like to thank our teacher for doing such a wonderful job! Way to go Mrs. Carr!

Carolyn Early

Surrey, BC

Our daughter has, from the beginning of Reading Club, loved to go! She has learned self confidence and the love of reading and writing. I recommend Fun Family Phonics and the extraordinary teachers of Discovery Station. Their love of teaching the children has been outstanding. I can not say enough!

Sandy R.

Maple Ridge, BC

Ready to Read is an excellent follow through of previous phonics training. The course is carefully and thoughtfully laid out, and keeps the children’s attention. Our daughter’s reading skills are excellent. What is most encouraging is listening to her recite the rules of phonics as she reads and tries to figure out new words.