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Our Teachers

At Discovery Station Preschool, we know that the best learning occurs through hands-on, joy filled interactions. You will find our educators full of enthusiasm, love and dedication to the teaching of young children. Our programing requires intelligent and highly skilled instructors who intentionally engage in child centred activities to facilitate rich and relevant learning.  We are very proud of our exceptional teachers.  All teachers have been licensed by the Child Care Facilities Licencing Board  and In accordance with Provincial Regulations, hold an up to date Criminal Record Check and First Aid Certificate.  Professional development is ongoing. 


Carolyn Spoor: AKA Mrs. Spoor

Title: Owner/Manger 

Family: 3 children (Discovery Station graduates)

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite part of Preschool: "I love seeing the children

 learn to solve problems and gain independence.

They are so proud when they do something

 by themselves for the first time."

Favourite Beverage: Coconut Milk Latte

Qualifications: Early Childhood Educator


Samara Eyzenga: AKA Miss. Samara

Title: Early Childhood Educator

Family: 2 sisters and parents living in Langley

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite part of Preschool: "I love one-on-one and small group interactions.

It is so much fun to engage the children in conversation, to laugh with them as they play."

Favourite Beverage: Chai Tea Latte

Qualifications: Early Childhood Educator


Carol White : AKA Mrs. White

Title: Previous Owner/Founder of Discovery Station Preschool - retired

Family:  4 married children, 13 grandchildren

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite part of Preschool:  Teaching/circle time

 "I enjoy using music and puppets to engage and

delight the children as they learn."

Favourite Beverage:  Tea

Qualifications: Early Childhood Educator







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