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Ready to read


“A child’s attitude to reading is of such importance that more often than not it determines his/her scholastic fate. Moreover, their experience in learning to read may decide how they feel about learning in general and even themselves as an individual.” Bruno Bettleheim



Detective Dave, from the Fun Family Phonics book presented in the Preschool classroom, is dreaming of letters having fun at "The Fair".  As we explore this venue using our story-based curriculum, your child will discover literacy clues.

Ready to Read focuses on a unique combination of phonetic-reading and sight-reading to promote comprehension and a solid understanding of sentence structure.  At "The Fair" the children will discover that consonants and vowels work together to form word patterns and systems.

Phonics lessons focus on:

  • long and short vowels ( a ,e ,i ,o ,u)

  • consonant blends (ex: bl, cr, sn)

  • digraphs ending with the letter 'h' (ex: ch, th, sh, wh)

  • long vowel sound formation using silent 'e' and diphthongs (two vowel combinations like oa, ea, ie)

  • sounds created by vowels in combination with the letter 'r' (ex: or, ar, ur)

  • advanced digraphs ending in the letter 'h' (ex: ph, gh)

  • soft 'c' and soft 'g' sounds (as in the words 'circle' and 'gentle')

  • sounds created by vowels in combination with the letter 'w' (ex: aw, ow, ew)

  • silent letters (as in words like knight, and writing)

  • double consonants (hop - hopping)

  • suffixes (word endings and tense changers such as ed,  er, est, ing)

    Along with the hard work of printing, spelling, and learning new words and concepts, we enjoy Readers Theater, music, science and games.

     The children are rewarded for their hard work by earning trips to the treasure box.
    The class size is limited to ensure individual attention, while fostering meaningful encouragement and accomplishments.

Ready to Read is designed for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students and is very helpful for children with English as their second language. 
The Program begins in September and continues through to the end of June.


Willoughby - 20097 72 Ave.

Shepherd of the Valley Church

Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 - 5:00


Tuition - $150 per month



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