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Family Times

Due to the COVID 19 virus, we will be doing things different this year.  For the health and safety of all our families and staff, we will use our creative thinking skills to adapt the usual family events.  Things will look different for a while but we will all work together to make this year one to remember.


At Discovery Station, the whole family is important.  Family members are invited to join us for many special events throughout the year. 


Grandparents Day – November – Grandparents or alternate special guest are invited to join in a variety of planned activities including our first concert of the year.


Christmas Concert – December – An evening presentation of the true meaning of Christmas through song and drama.  Cameras are a must!


Dad’s Day – February – Fathers and children are invited on a Saturday to participate in a variety of planned activities.  It is a special bonding time and of course there is a presentation of songs.


Spring Festival – March (sometimes April) – What fun to run in a meadow of green grass to celebrate the coming of Spring.   We may fly a kite, take a walk in the rain or revel in the colours of the rainbow.  Easter marks the start of Spring but it is so much more.  It is our privilege to share the true story of Easter with the children.


Mother’s Day Tea – May - Each year the Mothers are invited to join us for a semi-formal tea party.  It is a time to enjoy one another’s company without children around – at least for a short time.  The children always present a collection of the newest songs they have been learning.  It is a proud moment for parent and child.


Adventure in the Park – June - Our three day classes gather together in a Langley park for an adventure.  They may be helping Captain Feather Sword, Captain Fix-a-lot and Captain Cook find their lost treasure.  Or they may be on the lookout for a new dinosaur in town. Can you imagine a dinosaur with many colours, feathers, large feet and a long nose.  The children can and they are intent on finding him.


Graduation – June –  In our evening performance the children sing the favourite songs of the year and each child is presented a certificate with opportunities for photos as they wear their graduation hat. It’s a wonderful way to send them off to Kindergarten.


Field Trips – This in an opportunity to extend the classroom learning experience and go out into our community to celebrate learning.  Events such as horseback riding, ice skating, fire hall and farm tours are just a sample of our planned excursions.  Parents are responsible for transportation and any extra cost accompanying the trip. 


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