Discovery Station - Preschool in Langley, BC

About Langley Preschool Discovery Station!



For the young child it is very natural to socialize with children their own age and older.  All classes are open to both three year olds and four year olds as well as being inclusive and welcoming to those with challenges of any kind.   Our program is designed to be a spirited introduction to social and academic life. The fun filled activities take full advantage of a young child's remarkable ability to learn. In addition to unstructured play times where children can explore and play together, we present weekly themes within a two year curriculum covering  a wide variety of interesting topics.


Discover Science and Nature

Scientific experiences:

  • colour mixing

  • Magnets

  • Sinking or floating

  • Evaporation

  • Properties of light

  • Life cycles of plants and animals

  • Special Guest Performers: Puppet Friends

  • Granny Gilly – Historical mentor

  • Captain Feathersword and associate
  • Rice and Sensory Table
  • Outdoor Play


Discover Math

  • Numbers and counting.

  • Shapes, sizes, colours.

  • Directions and patterns.

  • Spatial Awareness.


Discover Social Studies

  • Role play.

  • Puppet presentations.

  • “Thumbs up Attitude”.

  • Manners.

  • Respecting others.

  • Problem Solving.

  • Self Aawareness.

  • Community Workers.


  Discover Literature

  • Making stories come alive.

  • Role plays.

  • Fairy tales.

  • Nursery rhymes.

  • Felt board stories.

  • Shadow shows.


Discover Bible Stories

The teachers will share the knowledge of God 

Using our large and colourful felt story board

The children will hear:

  • God is the Creator of all things, all powerful, all knowing.

  • He is always present, all loving, completely righteous.

  • God has given people a code of living that is designed for happiness.

They will learn valuable moral and spiritual principals. 


Discover Music and Dance

  • Each day is filled with music and song.
  • We present a wide variety of music styles from jazz to

       rock and classical.

  • We paint to music, clean up our toys to music.

  • We tap our rhythm sticks, shake our pom poms.

  • We dance with ribbons and learn folk dances and the waltz.

  • Learn about instruments, rhythm, tempo and pitch.


Discover Art

 Art time is creative, expressive and educational :

  • Spreading glue on a paper to construct.

  • Applying paint on a page to create.

  • Learning skills like cutting, and sorting.

  • Appreciating the work of a friend and sharing ideas.

  • Art is FUN!


Discover Fun Family Phonics

This unique method of teaching phonics creates Memory links in the brain.

  • Through a story the child connects the symbol shape to the sound that the letter makes.
  • A story and song based approach to letter recognition, printing and reading.

  • We transform letters that are abstract symbols and give them meaning

  • We learn that a word is developed by connecting the sounds of the letters

  • We present this program to our two day and three day  classes.

 Children must be three years of age by Dec 31 of the school year to register.


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